Constellation Supports Sitecore 10.2

Check for new Packages if you’re planning on starting a new Sitecore 10.2 project.

Foundation Level Components

Feature Level Components 

The Constellation version identifiers follow Sitecore Major and Minor versions. Thus anything labelled Version 9.1 is compatible with Sitecore 9.1 minimum, and 10.0.x.x requires Sitecore 10.0 minimum, etc. I reserve the last two “digits” in version numbers for bug fixes, thus does not correspond to Sitecore 10.0 Update 1, but rather is a “point release” for Constellation to address bugs found in the major 10.0 release.

I did not release a Constellation version targeting Sitecore 10.1.1 specifically, as the 10.0 and 10.1 components were compatible without changes.

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