Item Sorting

If you’ve ever encountered the following:

  • I have more than 50 Items that are best sorted alphabetically, but an Item Bucket is too “big” for this project.
  • I have Items that need to be sorted by a date field, and I’d like the URLs to reflect the fact that they’re organized by date.
  • I don’t trust my users to maintain my sorting hierarchy.
  • My users expect Sitecore to keep things neat for them without human intervention.

then Constellation.Feature.ItemSorting is the component you need.

Appropriate Uses

  • Events in an Event Calendar
  • Press Releases
  • Employee Bios (under 1000)
  • Blog posts
  • Any Items where users want them sorted by date or dictionary order, where the users expect the Items to be grouped into folders.


In Visual Studio fire up Package Manager and install the NuGet package to your .NET Web Application project:

PM> Install-Package Constellation.Feature.ItemSorting

The package contains a DLL for the custom Item Sorting actions as well as a Sitecore Package (*.zip file) that defines the Actions in the Sitecore System folder. The Sitecore Package will self-install when you deploy your solution.


Automatically organize specific Items into a series of folders alphabetically

Automatically organize specific Items into a series of folders by date