“Constellation” is open source software developed by myself (Richard Cabral aka Sgt. Sitecore) and several other Sitecore developers; combined, it’s decades of applied Sitecore experience. It is the result of my working with Sitecore for 14 years; establishing capable Sitecore teams at several world-class digital agencies, leading more than 40 Sitecore projects of all shapes and sizes. It includes not only features developed by my teams but also solutions and conventions from the Sitecore community at large. Its features are stable, designed to stand the test of time. Some of Constellation’s code stretches way back to Sitecore version 6, but everything here has been validated against Sitecore 9.1.

Here are Constellation’s core concepts:

  • Explicitly “ASP.NET”: Designed for developers who have experience implementing MVC websites, but not necessarily Sitecore. Provides a consistent approach to implementation that should be immediately legible to C# developers.
  • “Intern Proof” – Constellation is designed to help new Sitecore developers get up to speed on the product by enforcing vigilance in core development areas: site context, language, experience editor, caching, personalization, and overall page performance.
  • HTML Agnostic: Constellation emits no HTML and makes no assumptions about your coding style. Immediately headless-compatible.
  • Teaches & enforces Sitecore information architecture best practices for very specific problem domains within Sitecore.
  • Explicitly multi-site, multi-language off the shelf, with guidelines to enforce correct architecture in these scenarios.
  • Explicitly Sitecore version agnostic (with caveats when Sitecore modifies their API). Constellation code has run on Sitecore 6, 7, 8, and 9 with only one breaking-change.
  • Explicitly does not require complex, obscure & difficult to maintain code-generation software (T4 templates, NVelocity, etc) as required by most other Sitecore developer accelerators.
  • Designed as a series of atomic, opt-in libraries: You only use the ones you need.
  • Designed to be installed alongside more invasive tools without disrupting them to allow for co- development in multi-site, multi-Partner situations.

Thank you for taking a look around. I hope Constellation gets your Sitecore team excited. Don’t be afraid to reach out with questions and ideas!