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Constellation follows Sitecore’s Helix guidelines. Each Library is modular and if it has dependencies, the dependencies are only upstream from the Helix layer of the Library.

See Foundation Level Components

See Feature Level Components

Components Organized by Purpose

Infrastructure Improvements

These components either provide superior facades to Sitecore features or improve them with additional functionality.

Developer Quality of Life

These components have Extension methods to common Sitecore objects that make them easier to use, or clarify the context of their use.

These components radically simplify the task of developing Renderings in Sitecore.

Utility Components

These components are standalone modules that perform discrete tasks. If they are Foundation -level they are meant to be extended.

Opinionated Information Architecture Components

These components require specific Sitecore information architecture to work. The required “starter” Templates are provided, and need to be intergrated into your Project-level components to be used successfully. If installed into an existing Sitecore solution, some Information Architecture changes may be necessary.

Deprecated Components

These components have been replaced with other Constellation modules and are maintained here only for posterity.

  • Constellation.Foundation.Items
  • Constellation.Feature.SitemapXml