Address Changing Instrumentation Needs

We all know that Sitecore has an internal traffic analysis feature that includes extensive visitor tracking. However, that’s seldom enough for the modern digital marketer.

Aside from the ubiquitous Google trackers, JavaScript-based tracking apps from other sources, whether it’s UX analysis, 3rd party content injection, or full digital marketing suites tend to find their way onto your Sitecore-hosted pages. Sometimes, you only find out after a well-intentioned content author attempts to paste the JavaScript into a Rich Text field.

How do you handle installing the new transparent pixel from Startup-du-Jour without having to schedule a deployment date sometime in the next month? You make JavaScript trackers content objects of course!

Although allowing content authors to paste JavaScript into Sitecore fields may be taking it a bit too far, a Sitecore developer should be able to adjust analytics scripts that appear on page without having to alter a line of HTML.

Constellation.Feature.PageAnalyticsScripts was meant to demonstrate how to achieve this quickly. Whether you expose it to your content authors, or keep the keys to this particular kingdom close is up to you.

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