But we don’t have time for SEO Features!

New websites have become something of a commodity. Like automobile sales in the US, people have a rough idea of what a website should cost them, the implementing agency has a pretty good idea of what they could charge. The contract is somewhere in the middle. The conversation during negotiation is e often similar to what happens on the auto dealer lot: What features do you absolutely need? What’s nice to have? On the back end (of both autos and websites) it’s a matter of making sure the commodity components cost as little as possible to build, trying to manage economy with customer needs.

Constellation.Feature.PageTagging was born of this need. Although SEO is a dark art that changes frequently, there’s baseline support that’s required to service any digital marketing strategy, whether it’s social engagment, paid advertising, keyword loading, etc. Why write it from scratch every time? The PageTagging module supports the metadata you need for your pages to look good on Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. It also includes the search engine directive support required to make sure the crawlers ignore pages that might otherwise penalize your natural search rank.

This component ships with some author quality of life improvements, including the ability to inherit some metadata from parent Items, and Experience Editor support.

Check out Constellation.Feature.PageTagging. Make your SEO team happy and save a few precious development hours too.


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