A Multi-Language, Multi-Site Library

With Sitecore, there’s always a different way to build a better mousetrap. The featured Library of the day: Constellation.Foundation.Globalization was designed around a project for one company with many regional offices across the globe. Regional offices had content that was unique to them, and “corporate” content was pushed to all regional offices based upon relevance, and whether the corporate content had been translated.

Corporate needed a way to disseminate content that didn’t require translating into a dozen local dialects, but it needed the geographically dispersed sites to be as regional as possible for SEO and consumption. Falling back to US English was not an option.

We settled on the idea that Corporate content should be translated “close enough” for consumption. Thus, corporate content was managed in the “short ISO” code languages, (en, es, fr, pt) while regional content was managed in their specific dialects (en-CA, pt-BS, de-DE). When determining the suitability for distributing content, the requirement was that the content had to have a Language version in either the Context Language, or it’s more generalized counterpart.

It was a simple solution that allowed for a much broader distribution of content without the headache of copy/paste into individual regions. Perhaps you’ll find it useful. Get the details.

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